The universal law which is the law of attraction is just like the law of gravity and force. And just like the two, you can control them when you know the formula. The law of attraction will vary in your state of mind. You have to experience having the desire of getting what you want and sometimes, with what you do not. If you are truthful, then you will accept the fact that it is not how hard you work just like the usual advice parents usually give. 

The law of attraction, as well as the law of energy, is the law of matter. Energy varies from your state of mind for the reason that your personal energy is readied by your state of mind and not by your beauty, education and job. If you have the thinking of a wealthy person then your state of mind will match in your thinking of being rich. But when you hang to the thinking of being in the middle class, it will not matter how many friends and education you attain. You will remain in that thinking until you change it. 

Changing your Energy

Belief plus your vision and passion will equal to manifestation. Your energy is determined by the belief which is multiplied by your action. Then, your vision multiplied by your passion will set to the exact manifestation. In order for you to change your energy, you have to change your belief and your passion. 

Changing People’s Belief

Men are born in this world with a complete lie with a set of beliefs. But then, house, environment and school and also with the neighbours will change the belief of a person. Beliefs are changed little by little in developing talents and new skills. This is another way by means people try to raise their vibrations. This is the meaning of mentoring and coaching. This can be done as well through spending time with those who have already done the one you intended to do. This is one of the ways where the process of NLP or the Neuro Linguistic Program is being taken. 

The Neuro-Linguistic Program is a method that will help you to control your emotion every time. If you need a self-confidence in a mid of sudden circumstances, NLP technique can of a great help to you. The discipline of neuro-linguistic programming was first and foremost developed for a purpose of motivating one person. Experiences are thought of patterns, mix emotions, behaviour and beliefs. 

Neuro Linguistic Program is like a state of mind, where you have to think in a positive manner. If you develop the feeling and the idea that you can do a certain thing then you cannot do it — for you are already being embraced by fear. People who have a negative attraction has a tendency to procrastinate that they cannot do this or that. NLP can be of help in this, you just have to set your mind that all the things and works that is being given to you will be done without stressing your self. 

Looking into the other point of view is considered a neuro-linguistic programming technique. This will give you a positive attraction of doing certain things and jobs without giving pressure to your self. When you open your eyes to the world, you will see your surroundings differently, with a different attitude, behaviours, and beliefs and so on and so forth. 

For example, you want to have a positive attraction of being a winner. When you have a goal, you will always ask how can you reach it. All goals that we have in life should be sensible, calculable, and obtainable with your own perception. A positive attraction is one of the factors that successful people have. It is very common for those successful people to always have a positive vibration and attraction in their undertakings. They always remind their self that hardship can occur anytime, but they have to take it in a positive manner than to have a negative attraction. Positive attractions are contagious and when you come in contact with a person with this kind of vibrations you will also relate with their positive attitude and vitality that will cause a successful environment. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming method is a subject where lots of people are having an interest in. This precisely deals with the relationship of a man, behaviours, beliefs, and emotions. This has many benefits and a little side effect in the real application of life. This also helps people to always have a positive attraction towards life. You have to be with the company of people with the same perception as you are, so you will also be motivated to do the right thing without stressing your self. Once you fail, you have to simply go back in a way where you have to think that that failure is a positive attitude.  Get that dream you long wanted to by the power of attraction; enhance that attraction through NLP.

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