About DIY Hypnotism

Back around 2006, I used a programme called Virtual Hypnotist.

It worked well for me, but this was on Windows XP.
With the move to Vista, the app didn’t perform as smoothly as I’d like.
It was a pain to setup all the dependencies.

At this time I moved to a new company and their primary platform was Mac OS.

Being able to use Virtual Hypnotist was no longer possible.

I tried to write my own version for Mac OS, but Objective C was hard, and I didn’t have enough time to devote to it.

7 years later I tried again when Swift was introduced.

But again the lack of time and a lack of documentation was the problem.

Now Swift 4 has been introduced, and the internet is awash with tutorials and documentation on Swift.

I introduce to you DIY Hypnotism.

DIY Hypnotism App

This app was inspired by a now abandon app called “Virtual Hypnotist”.
There are a few similarities with the configuration, but that’s where they stop.

The app doesn’t ship with any scripts or audio by default.

You will need to download them from our hypnosis scripts directory.